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This website attempts to address some very volatile topics from a spiritual, not religious, perspective. A future topic will be dealing with the differences we (as ordained Christian ministers) see between spiritual and religious perspectives. We might surprise you! :-)

For now, however, we desire to address three vexing problems, two of which we see as benefitting from strong misinterpretations of biblical/spiritual and historical fact.

  • When is a human a (viable) human?
  • Is The United States of America A Christian Nation?
  • Is it our turn, already?? Civilizations rise and fall… the fall typically initiated from within.


"We encourage you to use your tools, to begin the process of setting spiritual goals for yourselves that you know you can accomlish.?? - TBC by Rev Diane Chapin

Spiritual Development

There is an old saying ….

What are three great mysteries of life?

A bird to air.
A fish to water.
Man’s awareness of his/her inner beingness

The mission of Light Path Resources is to provide an array of quality resources that anyone can use as tools to develop their awareness of their spiritualness. All people are inherently spiritual. Yet, it’s up to each individual as to what degree they become aware of spirituality. In this description, we are using “spiritual” and “spiritualness” to denote the inner being that exists within all living creates. There are many names for that inner being: a universal mind, divinity, and/or God.

People only see what they are prepared to see.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are all united by the fact that our inner being is a unique aspect of All That Is.

Only the experiences of life can allow us to become aware of our degree of spiritualness. There is no race. You don’t have to worry about being on the right path or the wrong path. Life is simply always evolving and unfolding - providing us with choice and choice to make. In those choices we develop the awareness of our spiritual being.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Another perspective of spiritual development is the mind or thinking. One meaning that describes “spiritual” is creativity. Obviously, when you are thinking - you are creating. The tone of the thoughts being entertained always determine either 1) a happy experience or 2) a not happy experience. Just by examining our own mental chemistry, in an objective manner, we will connect the dots that paint the reality - situations, people, events - that surround us.

It’s important to remember that there is one fundamental spiritual premise always at play in our life, “Universal Mind, or the Universal Energy, pervades all space and gives life to all living creatures.”

With that understanding it’s easy to see that our mental chemistry is constantly informing or telling or communicating to the Universal Energy.

Throughout the entire Universe the Law of Cause and Effect is ever at work.
Charles Haanel

We do realize, that since every person is on a unique spiritual path, there is no one spiritual resource or tool that will “fit” all people. We encourage you to browse our membership directory to explore services and products that will enrich your spiritual path.

As we have stated: “Universal Mind, or the Universal Energy, pervades all space and gives life to all living creatures.” Therefore, in that sense, each of us can be seen as a ‘fractal,” a part of All-That-Is, However, each of us is on our own individual path of spiritual development… each experiencing our individual spiritualness, so to speak and perhaps somewhat reluctant to attempt to verbalize our individual experiences because of a fear of sounding “w-e-i-r-d.”

That is where a site such as this comes in. In addition to providing links to some very powerful spiritual tools, elsewhere, at the expense of being labeled as “w-e-i-r-d,” the initiator of this site has documented many of his own “peak experiences” (as “defined” by Henry James and Abraham Maslow), so we are well aware of the difficulties, indeed the virtual impossibilities of verbally stating “accurate” descriptions of such experiences in ANY language.

Here, we encourage you to “sound off” and to the best of your ability, describe your-own mystical, puzzling, out-of-the-ordinary, ecstatic, or spiritual experience(s) and come join the rest of us “w-e-i-r-d-o-s.”

Light Path Resources Is A Free Church

What we mean by FREE has nothing to do with a finances or money.

What we mean by Church has zero to do with organized religion.

FREE relates to denominational. Light Path Resources is dedicated to the belief that God lives in the heart, the essence, of all living creatures. This is not a new idea, it is the basis of many ancient Eastern philosophies.

Here, in the West, a church is often associated with one belief about God or another. Each of those is a belief systems and in turn becomes a denomination …. a type of religion if you will.

At Light Path Resources, we are of the thinking that religion and spiritual represent different perceptions about the nature - essence of God.

Religion promotes the idea that God exists separately from the seeker. For example, God is another human being that can be worshiped and conceptualized as a model for the “right” way to live. At the end of this “life” your existence is terminated and you reap the reward/penalties for your life.

Spiritual promotes the idea that God exists within the seeker. For example, your unique experiences, on your unique journey of life, will teach you about your beliefs. Life is eternal since the Universal Mind/Energy, which is the source of all life, is always expanding.

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For those that say I can’t “imagine” or “I don’t have an imagination” (and I’ve DEFINITELY heard that excuse!), consider this… what “pictures” do you see in your mind when you are reading an article or book, or, better yet, - and be HONEST, now - have you ever fanaticized about a member of the opposite sex (or, for some, a member of your same sex :-)? With either scenario, you are imagining!

Pro Life and Pro Choice

The Moral Anti-Abortion Case Primarily Rests On Ideas About When Life Begins … a question that religions and other secular sources can never settle (*). To that end, we initially point the reader to various (and there are others) channeled works from Spirit that can help humanity better define that issue.

Channeled information from a very high level of spiritualized consciousness, The Buddha Consciousness (TBC) during a Q&A, When Does An Incarnation Begin?

Economics Of Forced Pro-Life

However, as many Catholic nuns point out, abortion is an economic issue in many senses.

What got me interested in this topic was a very rational, informed and lucid article written by a Catholic nun who worked “in the trenches” observing the economic tragedies visited on the young and “economically insignificant.” Unfortunately I can no longer find that article after the wanna cry embezzlement attempt, and after searching the web, I suspect that particular article was too well constructed for the Vatican to allow its continued existence.
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Be Present To Get Clarity In Life

Lately, I have been recognizing more subtle insights and signals that the only clear path forward is being present - focused in this moment.

The notion of 'being present" is counter-culture to my life and much of what I see around me. Geez, just have a conversation with anyone - about anything - and there is very little creation taking place. The trend is seems is devoting time explaining this and that. In those kinda conversations I don't feel empowered.
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Living An Insightful Life

Thinking is a creative experience. Plus, thinking is one activity that all us humans do. Yes, we all a diverse group from many cultures and ideologies. None are better than the other. I believe that we are all equal and have the right to be who we are and live as we desire - as long as we are not harming another living person.
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When Does Life Begin

For centuries, cultures and individuals have struggled to accept or not accept ideology that says abortion is wrong. Because much of the ideology stems from religious doctrines based on the teaching that to have an abortion is to take away a life - or, rather drastically, commit murder. We believe in a “common sense” approach to abortion that involves less rhetoric and more logical thinking. After all, each and every person is free to think what they choose.
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Are We A Christian Nation?

Nobody can deny the fact that Christianity has played a huge role in our history. From the first Thanksgiving to the ideas of Jesus Christ that are embroidered in our culture today, Christianity and the Bible are responsible a significant part of our heritage, but are they the Soul of our Nation?
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